We are a specialized value added wholesale company with security and operating technologies. We provide full project solutions – form preparation before the project, through delivery and support after implementation. Ongoing technical support and specialized service is provided.

SCANLOCK International, s.r.o. is a stable company with 25 years of history on the European market.
Thanks to this we are able to build on our years of experiences in the field and also from our branch in Brno, Czechia.


Preparation before the project
Our company provides professional consultations from the preparation of the project through to the process of selecting the most suitable technical solution. Everything is done in cooperation with the final investor and project lead.
Support during implementation
Direct support is provided during the implementation of selected solution. Our advantage is our close cooperation with the manufacturers of the technologies. We ensure the ongoing service.
Providing technology
Our company ensures complete technology which is suitable for the project. The goal is the most effective solution for investors.




The state sector

We have created systems that meet the highest security requirements in the field of property security for the government. Sophisticated solutions for city security cameras including the integration of traffic and analytical applications, reading of plate numbers and of course integration with third-party software, including and not limited to.


‣  City security cameras and crime prevention

‣  Army and police properties, jails

‣  Traffic statistics and speed checks

‣  Cultural object, museums


Industry and energetics

Protection of strategical properties – production and distribution of energies in a challenging operational environment. By early detection of the critical events, we are able to minimize damage, time of support disruption and economical loss caused by unsatisfied customers.


‣  Producing and distribution of energies

‣  Heavy industry and industrial manufacturing

‣  Visualization of technological process

‣  Critical infrastructure


Private sector

Professional solutions from small properties to large properties of multinational corporations. Visualization of processes in the logistics and their secure storage for the purpose of TAPA certification. The solutions help to minimize damage and make the return of the investments more effective.


‣  Residential properties

‣  Stores

‣  Banks and financial sector

‣  Logistics and warehouses, e-shops


Other projects

Individual solutions for different purposes. A lot of times we deliver a special system with specific characteristics, for example, mobility, ultra high resolution, video-analysis, data analysis and storage.


‣  Mobile camera points and island systems

‣  Marketing analysis

‣  Sports fields and stadiums

‣  Casinos