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System for detecting of interception using „IMSI Catchers“.


A comprehensive intrusion detection system that is capable of identifying protocol violations and/or attacks in mobile networks.


Encrypted communication system, so called crypto-phones or encrypted calls.

Interconnect Security
Assessments & Consulting

Security audit of the network of the provider and consultancy directly from GSMK.

GSMK Overwatch

System for detecting of interception using „IMSI Catchers“

A unique system for distributed detection and localization and neutralization of illegal mobile base station or systems in 2G, 3G and 4G networks. This includes interceptions via „IMSI Catchers“ (in Czechia known as system „Agata“) and other monitoring systems.

Illegal interception and IMSI in the mobile network means a risk for government, companies or people – not only because their communication is intercepted, but there is a possibility of an attack on a mobile device and abuse of the stored data (payment data, passwords, encryption keys etc.)


System components:

  • Local sensors deployed in the surroundings of respective properties – government buildings, military bases and other important properties of critical infrastructure, where the need to secure the sensitive data is very high.
  • The mobile set enables fast deployment of mobile sensors for temporary surveillance
  • Centralized analytical unit with alarm management which receives data from all sensors and analysis this data real-time. It evaluates illegal transmission in mobile networks.
  • The Graphical User interface enables intuitive system handling


System advantages:

  • Detects fake cell towers, so-called „IMSI Catchers“ and system „Agata“.
  • Detects illegal activities in the area, where local Overwatch sensors are deployed.
  • Identification of illegal teams and allows tracking them.
  • Prevents illegal interceptions and attacks on mobile devices.

GSMK Oversight

A comprehensive intrusion detection system that is capable of identifying protocol violations and/or attacks in mobile networks (attacks on SS7 protocol).

Mobile phones are relatively easy to find, track and interrupt communication from a distance. You can read more about this for example in the article on MobilMania here.

A lot of the mobile networks have big security “Achilles heels”, for example in response to non-authorized questions about the position and accepts redirection of phone calls from non-authorized sources (through roaming or the communication protocol SS7).


System components:

  • Copies of data traffic on nodes of transmission routes between operators (basically these are connection points between foreign and national operators).
  • The analytical unit, which receives data from collectors, analysis the traffic, identifies the attacks and activates the alarm.
  • The graphical user interface provides all the information to the operators.

GSMK CryptoPhones

Encrypted communication system, so-called crypto-phones or encrypted calls.

Because of the comprehensive interceptions of phone calls, it is basically impossible for the government institutions to discuss sensitive topics via calls on standard phones. It does not matter if they are in the home country or somewhere else (embassy, army bases etc). This causes the drop of the effectivity, operations take longer and the risk of leak of the sensitive information raises.

The secured communication system from GSMK company for fully secured encrypted communication will make your work more effective and fast.

  • 360° complete protection for communication on field lines, encrypted mobile phones, encrypted satellite phones including own PVX gate.
  • Our systems allow easy to integrate into the work environment of governments, military, ambassadors.
  • Our systems are trustworthy thanks to independent checks of our source code.
  • Preventing data leaks and ensuring effective processes.
  • GSMK encryption uses the most powerful and most secure algorithms which are currently available: AES256 and Twofish with 256bit encryption key and 4096bit encryption key exchange Diffie-Hellman. The encryption key is destroyed at the moment the phone call ends and there are no protocols about the call stored on the PBX gate.


System components:

  • Mobile phones, field lines and encrypted satellite phones.
  • Central secured PBX gate.
  • User interface with central phone book and tool for device and user administration, including the list of allowed connections between the encrypted phones.

GSMK Interconnect Security
Assessments & Consulting

Security audit of the network of the provider and consultancy directly from GSMK.

GSMK is the main provider of consultations and penetration tests of networks which are using the SS7 protocol and Diameter protocol. Our teams have audited network operators on all continents and consulted the vulnerability of their network and possible solution with them. A lot of network providers are asking for the audit each year in order to keep their networks secure.

Examples of usage:


Protection of private person
Critical infrastructure
Multinational organizations
Mobile operators

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GSMK offers a solution for complex protection of mobile phone network including own development and manufacturing of encrypted phones. It is available on the market as B2B solution provided by Scanlock CZ, s.r.o. including the configuration. Each implementation of the GSMK system is done to meet the exact needs of the client.